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star wars battle front guide

Hello guys! It's been a while, I'm sorry if I don't update this blog for a long time. Well, to be honest I'm busy doing my next guide which is Star Wars Battlefront Guide.

If you didn't hear this game yet, Star Wars Battlefront is a game developed by DICE and published by EA Games. This game is significant to the up coming movie, Star Wars: Force Awakens.

As you know, this game is a first and third person shooting game so it's really fun. To know more about Star Wars Battlefront, you can check out here.

I hope you're doing great guys so see you there!

Bloons Monkey City Special Mission - Phase Crystal

In the previous blog post, we discussed how to beat the MOAB Graveyard special mission.

Phase Crystal

Special tile in Bloons Monkey City where players must defend 26 rounds of double-speed bloons. The crystals can be compared to the Technological Terror's Bloon Annihilation with only 12 seconds cooldown.

Strategy (Videos)

Bloons Monkey City Special Mission - MOAB Graveyard

Photo: Bloons Wiki

MOAB Graveyard

Special mission in Bloons Monkey City where you have to pop MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG within 3 rounds with $30,000 to start:
  • Round 1 - 10 MOAB
  • Round 2 - 6 BFB
  • Round 3 - 2 ZOMG

Strategy 1

  1. Place eight cannon towers (seven of them are tier 2,3 and one tier 4,2 which is the farthest one) near the middle of the track.
  2. Place tack shooter towers tier (4,1) on the last two curves.
  3. Place two spike factories tier (1,3) near the cannons.
  4. Use a monkey village tower to upgrade your cannons at the start. You can sell it later.

Strategy 2
  1. Place Ice Monkey tier (3,2) in the first small bend.
  2. Place Monkey Village tier (2,3) near the Ice Monkey.
  3. Spam Bomb Towers tier (1,3) in the big ends as many as possible also near the Monkey Village.
  4. Increase MOAB-class neutralization in the big ends as you gain money.
Other Strategies (Videos)

Bloons Monkey City - Build Your Own Town

Bloons Mokey City, the premier city building, bloon popping and upgrade cranking simulation of our time, is coming soon to!
In Bloons Monkey City you must build your humble town into a bloon busting metropolis, a centre for all that is monkey, and stop the inevitable horde of bloon-kind barrelling through your city walls. Expand your empire by farming bananas, constructing super sized vivariums for your monkey recruits, stomping over the wild bloons in the wilderness beyond and researching powerful upgrades for extreme bloon poppage.
As your city grows you'll discover another side to BMC. By building bloontonium generators and bloontonium storage tanks, spending city cash on bloon engineering and contructing Bloon Deployment Factories, you can enter into Monkey vs. Monkey duels of might and tact. Raid your friends' cities and take their cash, or run down their buildings for your Simian glory. But do not worry! If you don't want to send a resplendant riposte at your attacking comrades, simply ignore them for a few days and you can continue building your city in Pacifist Mode without needing to defend against unwanted assaults. - Official Ninja Kiwi blog post. 

Photo: NinjaKiwi
Last time, my posts is all about the special missions on Bloons TD 5 like; How to beat wizard lord, how to beat fast upgrades, how to beat moab madness and many more. But this time it is all about Bloons Monkey City, new game mode realeased by Ninja Kiwi last November 25, 2013 on free beta meaning everyone who has NijaKiwi account is welcome to play.


This game mode is to build and expand a city by capturing tiles, the player must defend against waves of bloons using towers and survive with at least one life.

Game mechanics:
  • When the player starts Bloons Monkey City, they will start off with two Dart Monkey.
  • More towers can be gained by purchasing the tower's specific building and placing it on a tile that has been captured.
  • Many different kinds of upgrades can be unlocked here, and to unlock upgrades you must research them in special buildings for a small amount of coins.


Unlike the typical bloons tower defense game, Bloons Monkey City needs to attack and capture more pieces of land to expand the city. But as you conquer as many lands as possible, the game is getting harder and harder. This gameplay maybe new to us but this mode has a lot of fun to offer.


Like any other games, this mode have a lot of difficulties such as, trivial (optional), easy, medium, hard, very hard, impoppable.

Special Missions

Yes, Bloons Monkey City have special missions also.
  • Wattle Trees
  • Tranquil Glade
  • Glacier
  • Shipwreck
  • Sticky Sap Plant
  • Phase Crystal
  • Consecrated Grounds
  • MOAB Graveyard
Some special missions can appear more than once every map.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 June 2014 Update

The June 20, 2014 update introduce the fane-made designed track, Skull Peak. This track can be played in Bloons TD 5 web version.

Fan-made track

Skull Peak was designed by Adriano Rossi. Rossi is the winner of 250k FB likes competition launched by Ninja Kiwi

Plenty of twists, turns, and tower positions

Skull Peak is a beginner track with these things. This is to ensure that the bloons will have a very hard time escaping tower attacks.

Bloons Wiki

Hey guys! Here's a quick update on bloons tower defense strategy.

So I updated the bloons wiki for you to understand different type of bloons towers, bloons types, and bloons games. Enjoy!

The All In One Strategy Guide On Bloons TD 5 Spcial Missions

bloons tower defense strategy
Photo credit wikipedia
What's up guys? I'm here today to recap the strategies we had so far on our special mission strategy guides. 

Now what we had so far...

We discussed the different kinds of special mission bloons td 5 has. I'm sure you have your favorite ones and also hated ones. Mine was the freaking wizard lord and the short-lived special missions. They really give me headache thinking how to beat those missions but another thanks to bloons wiki, we got ourselves saved. While my favorite special mission was MOAB madness because you only need two towers to beat this thing out.

Let's go to the summary...

I always play special missions on bloons td 5 everytime I got bored playing the quick game. Lucky for us, special missions are playable anytime which means you can always play it when you got bored (like me).

Here's the list of special mission on bloons td 5:

MOAB Madness Special Mission - Just beat those big blue blimps or MOABs to beat the game.
Wizard Lord Special Mission - Use the mighty (4,4) wizard lord to beat the mission. Be ready for the sacrifices.
Full House Special Mission -  With just five towers, defeat the bloons on easy mode.
There Can Only Be One Special Mission - Using one tower on each kind, defeat the bloons on hard.
Fast Upgrades Special Mission - 5 rounds of free upgrade on each tower per round. Be careful!
Short Lived Special Mission - Every 10 rounds the towers will disappear!
Convert Pops Special Mission - Al bloons are on camo mode!

Bloons TD 2

Following the success of its very first balloon popping game, Ninja Kiwi released its second version, bloons tower defense 2 also known as bloons td 2.

bloons tower defense 2 logo
Photo credit to bloons wiki

What's new on bloons td 2?

Well, they introduced the different difficulty on this game. New towers, upgrades, and tracks are also added on bloons tower defense 2.

Just like any other games, bloons td 2 also suffers on some glitches like pressing TAB bar (desktop mode) on tack shooter until you reach faster shooting which is an upgrade. Pressing the SPACEBAR 4 times will make the tack shooter to shoot very fast.




If you happen to experience some glitch, exploit it for the meantime. But using it too much will make your gameplay and strategy suffer.

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Bloons TD 1 - The Beggining

Bloons td (tower defense) is my favorite tower defense game. This game takes a huge hit not only on flash games but also on android and iOS devices.

The success of this tower defense game led to many versions and the latest one is bloons td 5. Although it is not clear that bloons td will have its 6th version, I'm pretty sure this game will really soar high.

Just like any tower defense, you need a concrete strategy to survive every rounds and levels.

Bloons TD 1

Credit to bloons wiki

 Very classic. As the first bloons tower defense game, this one has no difficulty-selected mode and it has only 1 track. It is possible to beat this game with just dart monkeys.



There are only 5 towers available on this game and they are:
  • Dart Tower
  • Tack Tower
  • Ice Tower
  • Bomb Tower
  • Super Monkey Tower


Lead bloons are not introduced here yet so you can finish the game with only dart towers and other sharp objects.

Get bloons tower defense 5 on your android device! Click here to see how.

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The appearance of bloons on bloons tower defense are not just a balloon-like figure. There are also balloon-plane-like structure also known M.O.A.B.

What is a M.O.A.B?

Photo credit: bloons wiki
 M.O.A.B or Massive Ornary Air Blimp is a big blue blimp ( air-balloon like) which is immune to freezing and cannot be glued. This type of bloon will take 200 hit before it cracks down and reveal 4 ceramic bloons.

Some people call it Mother Of All Bloons because it looks like a military plane that comes up with reinforcements. The speed of a M.O.A.B can be compared on a red bloon.

A M.O.A.B can be noticed because of its blue and white strips.First appearance comes at round 46.

 What is a B.F.B?

B.F.B or Brutal Floating Behemoth is a giant red blimp which is also immune to freezing and glue. B.F.B is second to the slowest on bloons td 5 and reveals 4 M.O.A.B after being hit 700 times.

B.F.B is also known as Big Fat Bloon and appears at round 60.

What is a Z.O.M.G?

 Z.O.M.G or Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness is a giant black and green blimp which is the toughest, biggest, and slowest bloon on bloons tower defense. Z.O.M.G  are also immune to freezing and glue like M.O.AB and B.F.B which takes 4000 hits and reveals 4 B.F.B. This bloon made its debut on bloons td 5.

Z.O.M.G is the strongest bloon yet on bloons tower defense so you better plan your strategy well. The first appearance of this bloon is on round 85. This bloon can hardly immobilized by certain skills like monkey pirates, glue striker, absolute zero, ground zero. It only takes 1000 damage from MOAB assasin and bloons annihilation ability.


This type of bloons is a real deal specially the ZOMG. So you better plan your strategy when playing bloons tower defense.

See also:

Bloons Tower Defense 5 For Android Free!

Bloons tower defense is a browser game made by Ninja Kiwi that is all about popping balloons (also known as bloons).

Bloons td 5 is also available on android devices which is very handful. You can play this game everywhere with your android phone. 

You can download bloons td 5 here for free.

How to download bloons td 5 on android for free?

  • Click Slow Download
  • Enter the code
  • Click create download link
  • Uncheck the box with "I agree with blah... blah..."
  • Click download now and you're done.

 How to get infinite money on bloons td 5?

 You can get infinite money on bloons td 5 on this post.

Best Tower For Bloons Tower Defense 5

When playing Bloons tower defense, it is common to know what is the best tower to be used. For me, it is not on the tower but the strategy you use when playing bloons td.

What is the best tower for bloons td 5?

 Of course the best tower you will use is a Super Monkey tower. This tower has a very high fire rate that is very useful on later rounds specially on MOAB class type bloons. 

Super monkey tower is an expensive tower which is not appropriate on early rounds. I would suggest using a Monkey engineer because of its cheap and very effective upgrades. The sentry guns are very effective specially when you max upgrade the special tower.

Today, we discussed the best tower to be used on bloons td 5.

How To Use Cheat Engine 6.1 On Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons tower defense is the best tower strategy game I ever played. Playing special missions and buying specialty buildings are what I love on playing bloons tower defense. But there are times that we want to try new things out and we can't do it because we don't have enough monkey money.

On this post, we will discuss how to cheat bloons tower defense 5 using cheat engine. Oh wait, just remember that we are doing this just for fun and to try new things out and don't want to be dependent on using cheats.

How to hack bloons td 5 using cheat engine?

We will use the software cheat engine which is a freeware. The cheat is to make many monkey money to buy specialty buildings, upgrades, and many in game power ups.

Watch this video to see how it is done:

Click Here

How To Beat Convert Pops (Special Mission) Strategy

Photo credit: Bloons wiki
Today, I will show you the strategy on how to beat convert pops on special mission on bloons tower defense. Just like regular Snake River round except every bloons are in camo mode.


  •  Place Ninja Monkey (1,0) tower on the intersection of the river.
  • Build a Spike factory at the end of the course.
  • Upgrade Ninja Monkey and Spike Factory (2,2).
  • Place Spike Factory (2,2) at the end of the course.
  • Build 2 more Ninja Monkey (3,2)
  • Build at least 2 Dartling Guns (2,2)
  • Build Monkey Engineer (3,2)
  • Build Heli Pilot (3,2) and another Monkey Engineer (3,2)
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    How To Beat Short Lived (Special Mission) Strategy

    Today, I will show you how to beat short lived special mission on bloons tower defense. This mission is just like ordinary Monkey Lane mission except you will loose any tower you place every 10 rounds.

    Short lived has the highest special mission reward which is $1000. I will advice not to use banana farms because you cannot use it properly before the 10 lives ends.

    Follow the photo below on the positioning of towers.

    Photo credit:

    •  Round 1 - Place Boomerang Thrower (0,0) towers on position 1 and 2.
    •  Round 10 - Upgrade the Boomerang Thrower (0,3) on position 1.
    • Round 19 - Place Glue Gunner (2,2) on position 3.
    • Round 23 - Ninja Monkey (0,0) on position 4.
    • Round 33 - Dartling Gun (1,1) on position 4. 
    • Round 30 - Upgrade Glue Gunner (3,2) position 3.
    • Round 45 - Place Money Village (0,1) on position 5,Upgrade Dartling Gun (2,1) on position 4, place Super Monkey (0,2) position 6. Please upgrade the super monkey as soon as you get extra cash.

    How To Beat Wizard Lord (Special Mission) - Strategy

    Hi guys, today we will discuss on beating the Wizard Lord special mission on bloons tower defense. It is called Wizard Lord because it has a (4,4) upgrades and requires you to feed it every other round. 

    This freaking tower makes you sacrifice your most expensive tower every other round and it really makes me go mad (I'm sure you do too).

    Until I find this strategy guide on bloons wiki. Another thanks to them because I find the easiest and effective way to beat this Wizard Lord.

    how to beat wizard lord
    Photo credit to bloons wiki
    Just a reminder, always replace the sacrificed tower into new ones to avoid the tower shortage on later rounds.

    • Round 1-8 - Build Dart Monkeys towers (0,3) as many as you can. Alternatively, 6-8 towers should be enough. This is for sacrificing purposes because dart monkeys have the cheapest upgrade available there.
    • Round 9-14 - Start building a bunch of Bombing Towers (2,2) as many as you can.
    • Round 15 - At this point, you can upgrade your bomb towers to (2,3) because you will encounter your first MOAB bloons. If you have spare money, you can add Bomb Towers (3,2) near exits.
    • Round 20 - At this point, you probably lost some lives. But keep building dart monkeys. A completed Dart Monkey Building is an advantage because of the free dart monkeys.
    • Round 22 - You can upgrade the bomb towers to (2,4) and always replace the sacrificed one! Use the Phoenix ability if you are uncomfortable on having too many bloons on the map it would definitely help.

     Just another strategy, build monkey towers as much as possible. Don't worry about the money, for sure you'll have plenty of it because you are not upgrading your towers.

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    How To Beat Fast Upgrades (Special Mission) Strategy

    We will discuss today on how to beat Fast Upgrades special mission on bloons tower defense. In this mission we need to survive 5 special rounds on castle where your tower upgrade once for free at the end of each round.


    • Buy Sniper Monkey tower. This may leak some bloons, if you dont want some leaks,, you can use road spikes.
    • At round 2, buy another Sniper Monkey tower (1,0). At this point, both sniper monkeys have (1,0) upgrades.
    • Round 3 - Buy Buccaneers (0,2) and place it far from entrance to prevent them from interrupting the sniper monkeys.
    •  At this point you can buy another 2 Buccaneers with (0,3) upgrades, if not so you can buy it at the middle of the round.
    • Round 4 - Buy another Buccaneers (0,3)
    • You can sell the two Sniper Monkeys if you want. Use the Buccaneer skill to defeat the red MOABS.

    How To Beat There Can Only Be One (Special Mission) Strategy

    In this blog post, we will discuss on how to beat There Can Only Be One special mission on bloons tower defense. In this mission, we need to defeat Bloons Circles on hard at most one of each type. Meaning you can use all the towers and agents but you can only use them once.


    • Buy Tack Shooter tower (3,2).
    • Next is buy buy Spike Factory tower (3,2).
    • Save money to buy a Dartling tower (2,2) and also upgrade Tack Shooter tower to (4,2).
    • Upgrade Dartling towers to laser cannon and Spike Factory tower to (4,2) at the end of round 53 (see photo).

    • After round 53, you can sell some stuffs and buy Super Monkey tower (2,3)

    • After this round, you can buy whatever tower you want. But be careful on later rounds because you need to sell some towers to upgrade to the most needed one. Here's my screenshot

    Congratulations! You beat the special mission and you will get a $250 and 1 token as a reward for beating the map.

    Today we discussed the strategy on how to beat this special mission on bloons tower defense. Try to experiment on different tower combination to see what works best. See also some strategies on defeating other special missions.

    How To Beat Full House (Special Mission) Strategy

    In this tutorial, I will discuss the different strategy on how to beat Full House special mission on Bloons Tower Defense 5. This special mission is one of the easiest mission on bloons td 5.

    In this mission, you need to pass Park Path on medium with no more than 5 towers on the field on the same time. Meaning, you can use all the towers and agents but each specific tower is not more than 5.

    Monkey Village and Radar Scanner tower is useful because during the later rounds, camo bloons would be hard to deal with. It will be good strategy to place Monkey Village tower near Monkey Engineer tower.

    In this guide, there will be 3 different strategies you can use to pass this mission. Please be noted that you the upgrade paths of each tower listed on the strategies below are the required upgrade paths needed as possible. Do not add tower if not stated and wait until you reached the stated upgrade.

    Strategy 1

    • Use and place Boomerang Monkey tower for your first defense on the upper left side of the map. Be careful not to place on the loop it will cause leak. Upgrade to multi-target.
    • When there's enough cash, buy Dartling Gun tower and upgrade to (2,2).
    • Buy 2 Spike Factory tower with upgrades (3,2) and (2,2).
    • After upgrading Spike Factory tower, buy another Dartling Gun tower (2,2).
    • When there's enough cash, upgrade the first dartling tower to laser cannon. Then focus on the other one.
    • Sell the boomerang tower and max upgrade both spike factory to (4,2) and (2,4).
    • Buy another dartling tower (3,2) and finish the game.
    The summation of towers must be 3 Dartling Gun towers with (3,2) upgrades and 2 Spike Factory (4,2) and (2,4).

    Strategy 2

    • Place Monkey Buccaneer tower (3,2) on northeast of the central lake.
    • On round 28, place Monkey Apprentice (2,2) northwest of Buccaneer tower inside the 3rd ring of the track.
    • Place Monkey Village tower (2,2) between 2nd and 3rd ring of the track.
    • On round 42, upgrade the Monkey Apprentice to (3,2)
    • On round 43, place Super Monkey (2,3) tower within the range of Monkey Village
    • Do whatever you want on the later rounds.

    Strategy 3

    • Sacrifice rounds 1,2, and 3 and buy Dartling (1,1) tower where it can hit the entrance.
    • Place Monkey Buccaneer (2,2) as far upstream as possible.
    • Upgrade Dartling tower to (2,2)
    • Strategically place Monkey Ace tower (2,2) on a right position where it can hit most of the bloons.
    • Save the money to upgrade Dartling, Monkey Ace, and Buccaneer to (2,3).
    • Place Super Monkey (1,2) tower above the lake in on the second u-turn.
    • Upgrade Buccaneer to (2,4) and upgrade super monkey to (2,3).
    • You can finish the game but in the middle of round 65, you can upgrade the last upgrade of dartling tower.
    Today, I discussed 3 different strategies to pass the special mission Full House of Bloons Tower Defense. See also related articles on defeating special missions.

    How To Beat MOAB Madness (Special Mission) Strategy

    MOAB madness special mission
    Photo credit to bloons wiki
    Hey guys, today I will show you the strategy on how to beat the MOAB Madness on Bloons Tower Defense 5 Special Mission. This mission is the same as the MOAB mission on bloons tower defense 4 but on a different map.

    Having a starting cash of $50000, you need to defeat the incoming 50 MOABs in a single round. Seems impossible? Don't worry, I will discuss the easiest way to defeat this mission.

    With $50000 cash, don't waste your money buying multiple Super Monkey towers. Just use 2 Monkey Aces towers with (2,4) upgrade. The strategy will be letting the MOAB bloons to almost fill the entire map then activate the first bomb. The second wave will follow and wait until the last one comes out then use the ability of the second tower. Boom! You win the game. 

    Watch this video if you are still confused.

      Alternatively, a safe and easy strategy to win this special mission on bloons tower defense is to build 2 Heli Pilots (4,2) upgrades in pursuit mode.  Today we discussed 2 different strategy on how to beat MOAB Madness on bloons tower defense. Although this strategy is for bloons td 5, it will also work on bloons td 4.  Have some time reading some strategy on how to beat other special mission on bloons tower defense. Related posts: