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Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Unity Preview

Rein Jo Regalado - 2:51 PM

Have a sneak peak on Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Unity!

The All In One Strategy Guide On Bloons TD 5 Spcial Missions

Rein Jo Regalado - 2:02 AM
bloons tower defense strategy
Photo credit wikipedia
What's up guys? I'm here today to recap the strategies we had so far on our special mission strategy guides. 

Now what we had so far...

We discussed the different kinds of special mission bloons td 5 has. I'm sure you have your favorite ones and also hated ones. Mine was the freaking wizard lord and the short-lived special missions. They really give me headache thinking how to beat those missions but another thanks to bloons wiki, we got ourselves saved. While my favorite special mission was MOAB madness because you only need two towers to beat this thing out.

Let's go to the summary...

I always play special missions on bloons td 5 everytime I got bored playing the quick game. Lucky for us, special missions are playable anytime which means you can always play it when you got bored (like me).

Here's the list of special mission on bloons td 5:

MOAB Madness Special Mission - Just beat those big blue blimps or MOABs to beat the game.
Wizard Lord Special Mission - Use the mighty (4,4) wizard lord to beat the mission. Be ready for the sacrifices.
Full House Special Mission -  With just five towers, defeat the bloons on easy mode.
There Can Only Be One Special Mission - Using one tower on each kind, defeat the bloons on hard.
Fast Upgrades Special Mission - 5 rounds of free upgrade on each tower per round. Be careful!
Short Lived Special Mission - Every 10 rounds the towers will disappear!
Convert Pops Special Mission - Al bloons are on camo mode!

Bloons TD 2

Rein Jo Regalado - 1:01 AM
Following the success of its very first balloon popping game, Ninja Kiwi released its second version, bloons tower defense 2 also known as bloons td 2.

bloons tower defense 2 logo
Photo credit to bloons wiki

What's new on bloons td 2?

Well, they introduced the different difficulty on this game. New towers, upgrades, and tracks are also added on bloons tower defense 2.

Just like any other games, bloons td 2 also suffers on some glitches like pressing TAB bar (desktop mode) on tack shooter until you reach faster shooting which is an upgrade. Pressing the SPACEBAR 4 times will make the tack shooter to shoot very fast.




If you happen to experience some glitch, exploit it for the meantime. But using it too much will make your gameplay and strategy suffer.

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