Bloons Monkey City Special Mission - MOAB Graveyard

Photo: Bloons Wiki

MOAB Graveyard

Special mission in Bloons Monkey City where you have to pop MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG within 3 rounds with $30,000 to start:
  • Round 1 - 10 MOAB
  • Round 2 - 6 BFB
  • Round 3 - 2 ZOMG

Strategy 1

  1. Place eight cannon towers (seven of them are tier 2,3 and one tier 4,2 which is the farthest one) near the middle of the track.
  2. Place tack shooter towers tier (4,1) on the last two curves.
  3. Place two spike factories tier (1,3) near the cannons.
  4. Use a monkey village tower to upgrade your cannons at the start. You can sell it later.

Strategy 2
  1. Place Ice Monkey tier (3,2) in the first small bend.
  2. Place Monkey Village tier (2,3) near the Ice Monkey.
  3. Spam Bomb Towers tier (1,3) in the big ends as many as possible also near the Monkey Village.
  4. Increase MOAB-class neutralization in the big ends as you gain money.
Other Strategies (Videos)

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