How To Beat Fast Upgrades (Special Mission) Strategy

We will discuss today on how to beat Fast Upgrades special mission on bloons tower defense. In this mission we need to survive 5 special rounds on castle where your tower upgrade once for free at the end of each round.


  • Buy Sniper Monkey tower. This may leak some bloons, if you dont want some leaks,, you can use road spikes.
  • At round 2, buy another Sniper Monkey tower (1,0). At this point, both sniper monkeys have (1,0) upgrades.
  • Round 3 - Buy Buccaneers (0,2) and place it far from entrance to prevent them from interrupting the sniper monkeys.
  •  At this point you can buy another 2 Buccaneers with (0,3) upgrades, if not so you can buy it at the middle of the round.
  • Round 4 - Buy another Buccaneers (0,3)
  • You can sell the two Sniper Monkeys if you want. Use the Buccaneer skill to defeat the red MOABS.

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