How To Beat There Can Only Be One (Special Mission) Strategy

In this blog post, we will discuss on how to beat There Can Only Be One special mission on bloons tower defense. In this mission, we need to defeat Bloons Circles on hard at most one of each type. Meaning you can use all the towers and agents but you can only use them once.


  • Buy Tack Shooter tower (3,2).
  • Next is buy buy Spike Factory tower (3,2).
  • Save money to buy a Dartling tower (2,2) and also upgrade Tack Shooter tower to (4,2).
  • Upgrade Dartling towers to laser cannon and Spike Factory tower to (4,2) at the end of round 53 (see photo).

  • After round 53, you can sell some stuffs and buy Super Monkey tower (2,3)

  • After this round, you can buy whatever tower you want. But be careful on later rounds because you need to sell some towers to upgrade to the most needed one. Here's my screenshot

Congratulations! You beat the special mission and you will get a $250 and 1 token as a reward for beating the map.

Today we discussed the strategy on how to beat this special mission on bloons tower defense. Try to experiment on different tower combination to see what works best. See also some strategies on defeating other special missions.