How To Beat Short Lived (Special Mission) Strategy

Today, I will show you how to beat short lived special mission on bloons tower defense. This mission is just like ordinary Monkey Lane mission except you will loose any tower you place every 10 rounds.

Short lived has the highest special mission reward which is $1000. I will advice not to use banana farms because you cannot use it properly before the 10 lives ends.

Follow the photo below on the positioning of towers.

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  •  Round 1 - Place Boomerang Thrower (0,0) towers on position 1 and 2.
  •  Round 10 - Upgrade the Boomerang Thrower (0,3) on position 1.
  • Round 19 - Place Glue Gunner (2,2) on position 3.
  • Round 23 - Ninja Monkey (0,0) on position 4.
  • Round 33 - Dartling Gun (1,1) on position 4. 
  • Round 30 - Upgrade Glue Gunner (3,2) position 3.
  • Round 45 - Place Money Village (0,1) on position 5,Upgrade Dartling Gun (2,1) on position 4, place Super Monkey (0,2) position 6. Please upgrade the super monkey as soon as you get extra cash.

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