How To Beat Wizard Lord (Special Mission) - Strategy

Hi guys, today we will discuss on beating the Wizard Lord special mission on bloons tower defense. It is called Wizard Lord because it has a (4,4) upgrades and requires you to feed it every other round. 

This freaking tower makes you sacrifice your most expensive tower every other round and it really makes me go mad (I'm sure you do too).

Until I find this strategy guide on bloons wiki. Another thanks to them because I find the easiest and effective way to beat this Wizard Lord.

how to beat wizard lord
Photo credit to bloons wiki
Just a reminder, always replace the sacrificed tower into new ones to avoid the tower shortage on later rounds.

  • Round 1-8 - Build Dart Monkeys towers (0,3) as many as you can. Alternatively, 6-8 towers should be enough. This is for sacrificing purposes because dart monkeys have the cheapest upgrade available there.
  • Round 9-14 - Start building a bunch of Bombing Towers (2,2) as many as you can.
  • Round 15 - At this point, you can upgrade your bomb towers to (2,3) because you will encounter your first MOAB bloons. If you have spare money, you can add Bomb Towers (3,2) near exits.
  • Round 20 - At this point, you probably lost some lives. But keep building dart monkeys. A completed Dart Monkey Building is an advantage because of the free dart monkeys.
  • Round 22 - You can upgrade the bomb towers to (2,4) and always replace the sacrificed one! Use the Phoenix ability if you are uncomfortable on having too many bloons on the map it would definitely help.

 Just another strategy, build monkey towers as much as possible. Don't worry about the money, for sure you'll have plenty of it because you are not upgrading your towers.

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