How To Beat MOAB Madness (Special Mission) Strategy

MOAB madness special mission
Photo credit to bloons wiki
Hey guys, today I will show you the strategy on how to beat the MOAB Madness on Bloons Tower Defense 5 Special Mission. This mission is the same as the MOAB mission on bloons tower defense 4 but on a different map.

Having a starting cash of $50000, you need to defeat the incoming 50 MOABs in a single round. Seems impossible? Don't worry, I will discuss the easiest way to defeat this mission.

With $50000 cash, don't waste your money buying multiple Super Monkey towers. Just use 2 Monkey Aces towers with (2,4) upgrade. The strategy will be letting the MOAB bloons to almost fill the entire map then activate the first bomb. The second wave will follow and wait until the last one comes out then use the ability of the second tower. Boom! You win the game. 

Watch this video if you are still confused.

  Alternatively, a safe and easy strategy to win this special mission on bloons tower defense is to build 2 Heli Pilots (4,2) upgrades in pursuit mode.  Today we discussed 2 different strategy on how to beat MOAB Madness on bloons tower defense. Although this strategy is for bloons td 5, it will also work on bloons td 4.  Have some time reading some strategy on how to beat other special mission on bloons tower defense. Related posts: