How To Beat The Rink Map On Hard

In today's post, I will show you some strategy to beat The Rink map on hard mode. On this case, I have a fully upgraded Monkey Engineer on Specialties mode of Bloons Tower Defense 5. Here's the screenshot.

To start the strategy guide, I only used three type of offensive tower and two supportive one. I used 4 Monkey Engineers (2,4), 1 Super Monkey (3,2), 1 Monkey Buccaneer (2,4), 3 Banana Farm (2,4), and 1 Monkey Village (2,4), 2 Monkey Village (4,2).

Note: Numbers in the parenthesis denotes the path I choose to upgrade the towers. And for the monkey village, I made 2 different upgrades for them.

I won't discuss the the per round sequence on building the towers. Just follow the picture above and you will have the same result. If you are asking what strategy I used on the camo bloons on  its first appearance, the answer is buy the road spikes for that one.

Today we learned how to beat The Rink map on hard in Bloons Tower Defense. The strategy we used is just a single strategy available out there. I suggest to experiment on combining different towers to see best results.

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