How To Beat Full House (Special Mission) Strategy

In this tutorial, I will discuss the different strategy on how to beat Full House special mission on Bloons Tower Defense 5. This special mission is one of the easiest mission on bloons td 5.

In this mission, you need to pass Park Path on medium with no more than 5 towers on the field on the same time. Meaning, you can use all the towers and agents but each specific tower is not more than 5.

Monkey Village and Radar Scanner tower is useful because during the later rounds, camo bloons would be hard to deal with. It will be good strategy to place Monkey Village tower near Monkey Engineer tower.

In this guide, there will be 3 different strategies you can use to pass this mission. Please be noted that you the upgrade paths of each tower listed on the strategies below are the required upgrade paths needed as possible. Do not add tower if not stated and wait until you reached the stated upgrade.

Strategy 1

  • Use and place Boomerang Monkey tower for your first defense on the upper left side of the map. Be careful not to place on the loop it will cause leak. Upgrade to multi-target.
  • When there's enough cash, buy Dartling Gun tower and upgrade to (2,2).
  • Buy 2 Spike Factory tower with upgrades (3,2) and (2,2).
  • After upgrading Spike Factory tower, buy another Dartling Gun tower (2,2).
  • When there's enough cash, upgrade the first dartling tower to laser cannon. Then focus on the other one.
  • Sell the boomerang tower and max upgrade both spike factory to (4,2) and (2,4).
  • Buy another dartling tower (3,2) and finish the game.
The summation of towers must be 3 Dartling Gun towers with (3,2) upgrades and 2 Spike Factory (4,2) and (2,4).

Strategy 2

  • Place Monkey Buccaneer tower (3,2) on northeast of the central lake.
  • On round 28, place Monkey Apprentice (2,2) northwest of Buccaneer tower inside the 3rd ring of the track.
  • Place Monkey Village tower (2,2) between 2nd and 3rd ring of the track.
  • On round 42, upgrade the Monkey Apprentice to (3,2)
  • On round 43, place Super Monkey (2,3) tower within the range of Monkey Village
  • Do whatever you want on the later rounds.

Strategy 3

  • Sacrifice rounds 1,2, and 3 and buy Dartling (1,1) tower where it can hit the entrance.
  • Place Monkey Buccaneer (2,2) as far upstream as possible.
  • Upgrade Dartling tower to (2,2)
  • Strategically place Monkey Ace tower (2,2) on a right position where it can hit most of the bloons.
  • Save the money to upgrade Dartling, Monkey Ace, and Buccaneer to (2,3).
  • Place Super Monkey (1,2) tower above the lake in on the second u-turn.
  • Upgrade Buccaneer to (2,4) and upgrade super monkey to (2,3).
  • You can finish the game but in the middle of round 65, you can upgrade the last upgrade of dartling tower.
Today, I discussed 3 different strategies to pass the special mission Full House of Bloons Tower Defense. See also related articles on defeating special missions.

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