Sniper Monkey Upgrade

Sniper Monkey can pop 2 layers off to bloons. With unlimited range, sniper monkey can be placed anywhere in the map. The best strategy is to put sniper monkey far from the entrance and it will shoot anything within the map. It is also a good strategy to select target strong to keep the incoming bloons balanced so the towers won't miss.

Sniper Monkey Upgrade Path 1

  • Full Metal Jacket - shots can pop through 4 layers of bloon. Can pop lead and frozen bloons. Upgrade costs $300 (Easy), $350 (Medium), $380 (Hard).
  • Point Five Oh - shots can pop 7 layers of bloon. Upgrade costs $1870 (Easy), $2200 (Medium), $2375 (Hard).
  • Deadly Precision - extreme accuracy and muzzle velocity cause up to 18 layers of bloon to be popped per shot and enough to destroy ceramic bloon. Upgrade costs $3400 (Easy), $4000 (Medium), $4320 (Hard).
  • Cripple MOAB - bullets from this tower temporarily take out propulsion systems of MOAD class bloons which immobilizing them for a short time. Upgrade costs $10625 (Easy), $12500 (Medium), $13500 (Hard).
Sniper Monkey Upgrade Path 2
  • Faster Firing - allows snipers to shoot faster. Upgrade costs $340 (Easy), $400 (Medium), $430 (Hard).
  • Night Vision Goggles - allows snipers to detect and shoot camo bloons. Upgrade costs $255 (Easy), $300 (Medium), $325 (Hard).
  • Semi-automatic Rifle - allows snipers to take multiple shots and attacks 3X faster. Upgrade costs $2975 (Easy), $3500 (Medium), $3780 (Hard).
  • Supply Drop - Ability: Drops a crate full of cash. Upgrade costs $10200 (Easy), $12000 (Medium), $12960 (Hard).

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