Boomerang Thrower Upgrade

Boomerang Thrower fires a boomerang that moves in a circle in front of the tower before returning. The best strategy using this tower is to put them in to the corner of the curves.

Boomerang Thrower Upgrade Path 1

  • Multi-target - boomerang thrower can now pop 7 bloons each. Upgrade costs $215 (Easy), $250 (Medium), $270 (Hard).
  • Glaive Thrower - throws glaives instead of boomerangs, which is sharper, faster, and more poptastic. Upgrade costs $240 (Easy), $280 (Medium), $300 (Hard).
  • Glaive Riccochet - the glaives from this tower will automatically bounce from bloon to bloon as long as there is one close by. Upgrade costs $1065 (Easy), $1250 (Medium), 1350 (Hard).
  • Glaive Lord - creates two permanent glaives that orbit around the tower which shreds anything that touches them. Upgrade costs $7650 (Easy), $9000 (Medium), $9720 (Hard).
Boomerang Thrower Upgrade Path 2
  • Sonic Boom - sonic boomerang can smash through frozen bloons. Upgrade costs $85 (Easy), $100 (Medium), $110 (Hard).
  • Red Hot 'Rangs - red hot boomerangs can melt lead bloons. Upgrade costs $130 (Easy), $150 (Medium), $160 (Hard).
  • Bionic Boomer - this tower replaces its arm with super strong bionic arm. Has a very fast attack speed. Upgrade costs $1235 (Easy), $1450 (Medium), $1565 (Hard).
  • Turbo Charge - Ability: Increase attack speed to hyper-sonic for 10 seconds. Upgrade costs $2550 (Easy), $3000 (Medium), $3240 (Hard).

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