Dart Monkey Upgrade

Dart Monkey use a single dart that pops a single bloon unless upgraded. This tower is a very good starter because of its cheap price and upgrades. Each upgrade improves the power and attack speed of Dart Monkey but each path focus on either power or attack speed.

Dart Monkey Upgrade Path 1

  • Long Range Darts - the monkey will have an additional range and green bandana. Upgrade costs $120 (Easy), $120 (Medium), $130 (Hard).
  • Enhanced Eyesight - the monkey can detect a camo bloon, additional range, and red bandana. Upgrade costs $100 (Easy), $120 (Medium), $130 (Hard).
  • Spike-O-Pult - catapult styled tower that throws spiked balls. Although loosing attack speed, each shot can pop 18 bloons. Upgrade costs $425 (Easy), $500 (Medium), $540 (Hard).
  • Juggernaut - hurls a giant unstoppable spiked ball that can pop lead bloons and excels on crushing ceramic bloons. Upgrade costs $1275 (Easy), $1500 (Medium), $1620 (Hard).

Dart Monkey Upgrade Path 2
  • Sharp Shots - can pop 1 extra bloon per shot. Upgrade costs $120 (Easy), $140 (Medium), $150 (Hard).
  • Razor Sharp Shots - can pop 2 extra bloons per shot. Upgrade costs $145 (Easy), $170 (Medium), $185 (Hard).
  • Triple Darts - throws three darts instead of one. Upgrade costs $280 (Easy), $330 (Medium), $355 (Hard).
  • Super Monkey Fan Club - Ability: Converts up to 10 nearby dart monkeys into Super Monkey for 10 seconds. Upgrade costs $6800 (Easy), $8000 (Medium), $8640 (Hard).
Use dart monkeys on earlier rounds as your strategy. Dart monkey tower has a cheap upgrades and yet very effective.

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