Tack Shooter Upgrade

Tack Shooter tower shoots 8 tacks that spread in all direction within its range, which can pop 1 bloon. Beside being cheap, this tower is useful on early rounds and effective on crowded bloons.

Tack Shooter Upgrade Path 1

  • Faster Shooting - the tower shoots faster. Upgrade costs $180 (Easy), $210 (Medium), $225 (Hard).
  • Even Faster Shooting - the tower shoots faster than ever! Upgrade costs $255 (Easy), $300 (Medium), $325 (Hard).
  • Tack Sprayer - sprays out 16 tacks per hole instead of usual 8. Upgrade costs $425 (Easy), $500 (Medium), $540 (Hard).
  • Ring of Fire - upgrade to a fast firing burst tower that shoots deadly ring of flame instead of tacks. They can pop any bloons including lead bloons. Upgrade costs $2125 (Easy), $2500 (Medium), $2700 (Hard).
Tack Shooter Upgrade Path 2
  • Extra Range Tracks - tracks fly out further than normal. Upgrade costs $85 (Easy), $100 (Medium), $110 (Hard).
  • Super Range Tracks - tacks go further than normal. Upgrade costs $190 (Easy), $230 (Medium), $245 (Hard).
  • Blade Shooter - converts the tower into a blade shooter that shoots out razor sharp blades that are harder for bloons to avoid. Upgrade costs $580 (Easy), $680 (Medium), $735 (Hard).
  • Blade Maelstrom - Ability: Covers the area in an unstoppable storm of blades. Upgrade costs $2295 (Easy), $2700 (Medium), $2915 (Hard).