The appearance of bloons on bloons tower defense are not just a balloon-like figure. There are also balloon-plane-like structure also known M.O.A.B.

What is a M.O.A.B?

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 M.O.A.B or Massive Ornary Air Blimp is a big blue blimp ( air-balloon like) which is immune to freezing and cannot be glued. This type of bloon will take 200 hit before it cracks down and reveal 4 ceramic bloons.

Some people call it Mother Of All Bloons because it looks like a military plane that comes up with reinforcements. The speed of a M.O.A.B can be compared on a red bloon.

A M.O.A.B can be noticed because of its blue and white strips.First appearance comes at round 46.

 What is a B.F.B?

B.F.B or Brutal Floating Behemoth is a giant red blimp which is also immune to freezing and glue. B.F.B is second to the slowest on bloons td 5 and reveals 4 M.O.A.B after being hit 700 times.

B.F.B is also known as Big Fat Bloon and appears at round 60.

What is a Z.O.M.G?

 Z.O.M.G or Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness is a giant black and green blimp which is the toughest, biggest, and slowest bloon on bloons tower defense. Z.O.M.G  are also immune to freezing and glue like M.O.AB and B.F.B which takes 4000 hits and reveals 4 B.F.B. This bloon made its debut on bloons td 5.

Z.O.M.G is the strongest bloon yet on bloons tower defense so you better plan your strategy well. The first appearance of this bloon is on round 85. This bloon can hardly immobilized by certain skills like monkey pirates, glue striker, absolute zero, ground zero. It only takes 1000 damage from MOAB assasin and bloons annihilation ability.


This type of bloons is a real deal specially the ZOMG. So you better plan your strategy when playing bloons tower defense.

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