Bloon Types

The main enemy in the Bloons tower defense are the balloons also known as Bloons. In this game, different Bloons have different difficulties but on earlier sequels, a normal bloons can be popped with one hit no matter what color they are. Although they can be popped easily, some bloons are immune on freezing, normal dart, boomerang, and in some cases bombs. 

Bloons are made up of different colors and layers. As the color gets lighter (in some cases) the more layer they have and special upgrades and towers are needed to hit a certain bloon. This is where a good strategy comes in.

On this post, we will discuss the different types of bloons and the level of their appearance so you can determine the toughest up to the easiest type of bloon. You can also make your strategy on your tower defense and make some adjustments through it.

We will discuss the types of bloons in two categories:

  • Original Bloons TD bloons
  • Added Bloons TD bloons

Original Bloons Tower Defense bloons

These are the original ones, they are the first bloons on the later sequels of bloons TD.

Note: The number of hits needed to pop a bloon as stated below means the total number needed to eliminate them including the bloons that comes up after hitting them
  • Red Bloons - they are the weakest and slowest type of bloon and can be popped by only 1 hit. 
  • Blue Bloons - contains 1 red bloon which shows up after taking a hit and has a faster movement than red bloon. 2 hits are enough to pop this bloon (first appearance on round 3). 
  • Green Bloons - contains 2 bloons (blue and red) and has a faster movement than blue bloon. It takes 3 hits to pop them (first appearance on round 6). 
  • Yellow Bloons - contains 3 bloons (green, blue, and red) and faster that green bloon. It takes 4 hits to pop them (first appearance on round 11). 
  • Pink Bloons - contains 4 bloons (yellow, green, blue, and red) and currently the fastest mover on bloons tower defense. It takes 5 hits to pop them (first appearance on round 15). 
  • Black Bloons - although having the smallest size, this bloon can be taken out by hitting it 11 times and immune to explosions. Its first appearance is on round 20). 
  • White Bloons - like the black bloons, white bloons are also the smallest bloon and immune to freeze. Also takes 11 hits to pop them (first appearance on round 22). 
Added Bloons Tower Defense Bloons

  • Lead Bloons - these are bloons wrapped with leads. This bloon is immuned to darts, boomerangs (except with red hot upgrade), grapes, road spikes, and shurikens. This bloon is also immune to super monkey's laser vision and tempest tornadoes because it is too heavy to fly.

  • Zebra Bloons - a hybrid type of bloon that has a zebra pattern. This bloon is immune to freezing and explotions unless the freeze tower has a absolute zero skill. Its first appearance is round 65.

  • Rainbow Bloons - one of the strongest and fastest bloon and comes up on a camo regrowth. First appearance on round 35.

  • Ceramic Bloons - also known as brown bloon. This type of bloon is covered with clay and comes up to a rainbow bloon. First appearance on round 40.

  • Massive Ornary Air Blimp (M.O.A.B) - a big blimp that looks like an airplane ballon carrier. Once popped, 4 ceramic bloons comes up. It takes 200 hits to pop them and immune to freeze and glues. First appearance on round 46.

  • Brutal Floating Behemoth (B.F.B) - also known as big fat bloon. It takes 400 hits to pop them and contains 4 MOAB. First appearance on round 60.

  • Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness (Z.O.M.G) - the strongest bloon of Bloons TD history and takes 4000 hits to pop them. Contains 4 BFB when popped. First appearance on round 85.

  • Cammo Bloons - also known as cloaking bloon. It cannot be hit unless under the radar scanner of monkey village. But some towers can hit it like the ninja monkeys. First appearance on round 25. 

  • Regrowth Bloons - this type of bloon has the ability of regenerating the popped layer over the time. It is not advisable to use glue on this bloon because it will be useless.