Bloons TD 1 - The Beggining

Bloons td (tower defense) is my favorite tower defense game. This game takes a huge hit not only on flash games but also on android and iOS devices.

The success of this tower defense game led to many versions and the latest one is bloons td 5. Although it is not clear that bloons td will have its 6th version, I'm pretty sure this game will really soar high.

Just like any tower defense, you need a concrete strategy to survive every rounds and levels.

Bloons TD 1

Credit to bloons wiki

 Very classic. As the first bloons tower defense game, this one has no difficulty-selected mode and it has only 1 track. It is possible to beat this game with just dart monkeys.



There are only 5 towers available on this game and they are:
  • Dart Tower
  • Tack Tower
  • Ice Tower
  • Bomb Tower
  • Super Monkey Tower


Lead bloons are not introduced here yet so you can finish the game with only dart towers and other sharp objects.

Get bloons tower defense 5 on your android device! Click here to see how.

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