Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons TD is a single-player game (originally a browser game) about a monkey that pops balloons that are called Bloons which has special ability that shows up when they are popped. The success of this game leads to many sequels and the latest one is on fifth version also know bloons td 5.

Bloons TD is a tower defense strategy game that is all about defending the bloons to get into their destination. The towers are being controlled by the monkeys and used to fight the balloons or bloons. Like the bloons, the towers have also their special ability which can be acquired by upgrading them. 

Upgrading towers can be costly but you can earn money by killing the bloons or by using Banana Farm. You can also earn money by completing the special missions which are available on later versions of Bloons TD 5. 

You can start your Bloons journey by learning bloons types and towers. Bloons tower defense strategy.


There are many hard missions on bloons tower defense for you to choose. Special missions can be played when you reached higher ranks, which can be obtained while playing thegame.

Special mission strategy:
 What is the best strategy for bloons td 5? 

The best strategy for bloons tower defense 5 for me is to build Monkey Engineer towers. Their sentry guns helps a lot. You can actually finish an easy round with 50 rounds with just monkey engineers.